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Edison Opto this year fruits of success, not only to join co-composed by LED lighting manufacturers Zhaga Union and LM80 photoelectric lighting laboratory, in succession to obtain dual certification of UL's safety and energy efficiency, the third quarter of 2012, Edison more to import the large-scale integration of SAP systems, strengthen Edison competitive advantage in the LED lighting industry, in terms of products, this year, Edison launched many cost-effective, high luminous efficiency and energy-saving effect of better products to meet customer application requirements. PLCC 3014 and 5630 series, having excellent luminous efficiency, PLCC 3014 series operating at 0.1 watts (30mA), the luminous efficiency of up to 110lm / W, PLCC 5630 series at 0.5 watts (150mA), the light emitting efficiency could be reached 110lm / W, PLCC 3014 and 5630 series of special package design its high temperature reflow soldering, to speed up the process speed. Ultra-thin, miniature design, PLCC 3014 and 5630 series with better application flexibility, can be widely used for general illumination, flash, projection lamps and lamp. In addition, in order to reflect market trends, Edison successfully launched high-brightness COB assembly EdiPower II HS series, operating at 24 watts (1500mA), brightness up to 2800lm provide better products for the high-wattage solutions, while its high-performance technology makes EdiPower II HS series can be applied to many other fields, to contain LED Bulb, Recessed lights and track lights and other indoor lighting. 150W LED patio lights for large area lighting, Edison Opto introduction of higher brightness, better quality of light energy saving lamps, 150 watts (3200mA) operation, brightness up 12000 lm, In addition, LED patio lights energy-saving, The advantages of long life, maintenance costs and considerable power consumption for saving money on lighting. EDISON 150W patio lights provide two different angles (70 degrees and 140 degrees), to meet the needs of different places, such as industrial lighting, supermarkets and gymnasiums and other indoor lighting. Edison Opto since its inception, has been actively developing high power LED products to meet market demand and environmental protection, future Edison will make good use of company resources and to strengthen the LDMS operational mode, towards the goal of low-cost, high luminous efficiency, research and development more than meet customer demand for products. *Main Product Edison Opto USA Corp. focuses on high power LED and provides customized professional design and production service , covering components, lens design, modules and products. Thus, Edison Opto offers LDMS(Lighting Design Manufacturing Service) , the integrated lighting service program to light fixture manufacturer. *Quality Certificates ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO/IEC17025 *Laboratory Certificates LM80 Laboratory Certification, UL WTDP Safety Certification *Four technical keys in LEDs Optical Optimization , Mechanical Refinement, Thermal Management , Electrical Scheme ***Contact us: EDISON OPTO USA CORP. 1809 Excise Avenue, Suite 201, Ontario,California 91761 USA E-mail:service@edisonopto-usa.com Yahoo/Bloomberg stock# (3591.TW)

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