CalRamic Technologies
CalRamic Technologies LLC, a U.S. based corporation, manufactures High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors. Applications of our products are Space Level, Military Aircraft and Ground Based Systems, Commercial Aerospace, Medical Imaging, High Temperature (Geophysical and Geothermal), Pulse Discharge/High Repetition Rate and a variety of Commercial and Industrial applications. Voltage Ranges are typically 500V to 20,000V depending on product type. Product types that we offer range from Radial Leaded Multilayer and Disc capacitors to Surface Mount Chip capacitors in a variety of dielectrics to suit your application. We can produce large production quantities as well as small quantities. Our lean manufacturing process and discipline offer the shortest lead times in the industry with out of stock same day delivery, and production builds at 3-9 weeks depending on product type. We also offer our "Fast Track" delivery for those special delivery needs. Custom Designs and Variations are welcome.

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