Aavid Thermalloy
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Aavid has been successfully delivering engineering excellence since its inception in 1964 when it was founded as Aavid Engineering. For nearly 50 years, Aavid has been the world leader in thermal management solutions and the partner of choice for electronics companies focused on introducing next generation products to market faster, with greater reliability, and with increased functionality. Aavid provides the industry's broadest product offering, ranging from the smallest board level cooling solution to several thousand kilowatt industrial applications. Aavid's products are used in Personal Computing applications such as desktops, laptops, printers, and console video game systems in addition to Non-PC applications including servers, network devices, instrumentation, transportation, and other consumer electronics.

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AAVID Aavid Thermalloy Aavid/Thermalloy AAVID/THERMALLOY, LLC Avid Thermalloy
AAVID / THERMALLOY Aavid Thermalloy (VA)
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